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    2nd Annual Asia Pacific Forum on Commercial Real Estate Cooperation-China 2011 Succeed to Admiration
    ——Penetrating into Lower-Tier Cities, Initiating Chinese Urbanization Construction


    Residential property now is quite restrained by government policy; instead, commercial property is keeping strong momentum, has become the safe havens for developers and investors. Commercial real estate bubbles have existed in Tier 1 Cities, as available land resources and urban space are in increasingly saturated situation. On the contrary, the volume of commercial land in tier 2 and 3 cities is relatively low. So there is plenty space for development and reconstruction in lower-tier cities, where investment value is gradually becoming prominent. With rapid growth of urbanization and implementation of the policy for simulating domestic demand, tier 2 and 3 cities must be one of the main economic growth points in China soon; It is evident that under strict regulation control of property these years, move into tier 2 and tier 2 cities have been a common strategy for developers to keep profit margin and reduce risk. 


    With the fully support of CCREA, APREA & ECONET, “the 2nd Asia Pacific Commercial Real Estate Cooperation — China 2011, Penetrating into Lower-Tier Cities & Initiating Chinese Urbanization Construction” , organized by Linver Insights, was held successfully in Sheraton Xian Hotel, China on October 25th-26th, 2011.




    This forum gathered more than 250 authorized & influential experts actively participated, among them, senior management of commercial property developers & operations capture 30%; financing, investment & asset management agencies capture 20%; commercial retailers, shopping mall groups capture 30%, relevant planning consulting institutes capture 5%; commercial planning, architecture design corporations capture 10%; architecture material, software and other solution providers capture 10%. The main forum was guided by 4 chapters (“Marco Chapter”, “Investment / Financing & Capital Operation Chapter”, “Development & Planning Chapter”) and 1 Commercial Elite Leadership. It maximizes the interaction & communication opportunity for attendees through two-day comprehensive keynote speech, project recommendation, panel discussion, interactive dialogue, professional exhibition and etc.


    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image001_0000.jpg

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image002.jpg


    The government & association representatives include Mr. Wang Jue Lin, deputy director, research fellow of MOHURD, Mr. Wang Yong Ping, vice chairman & secretary general manager of CCREA and etc; the developer & operation agency representatives are from China Resources Group, Gemdale Corporation, Siticip Properties, Long Hu Property, Vanke Group, Sino-Ocean, Nanjing 1912 Group, Shanghai Industrial Urban Development Group Limited., Glory Properties, K11 Concepts, KunLun Properties, SRE, TCBL and etc; large-scale financing & investment agency representatives are from Standard Charted Bank of China, J&J Assets, JF Fund, Treasury Holding, PKF Consulting Inc. and etc; famous retailers & shopping mall group representatives are from Wal-Mart, Red Star Macalline, Watsons, Novo Mania, Buynow, Renrenle Commercial Group, Rainbow Department Store, EGO, Decathlon, Wang Steak, Xiabu Xiabu Restaurant Management and etc; well-known architecture design company representatives are from Jerde, RTKL, BENOY, Callison, Cendes Architecture, MG2 architecture design, Sunlay Design, IMG3 Landscape, MAYHO Design, Youchang Commerce Design Organization, Tianhua Architects and etc. The solution provider representatives are from Power Dekor Group, IFCA Consulting Group, Winsun Material, MRI Softward LLC, Shoppertrack Technology, KOHLER, Sofmy China and etc.


    The forum was mainly guided by “Closed-Door High-End Summit” + “Professional Commercial Elite Leadership”. It was chaired by Mr. Mu Jian Wei, President of HM commercial property investment management co., Ltd. And Mr. Guo Han Bin, President of Shenzhen Wan Xiang Ren He co., Ltd.


    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image002_0000.jpg
    Mr. Mu Jian Wei

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image003.jpg
    Mr. Guo Han Bin


    Mr. Wang Jue Lin, deputy director, research fellow of MOHURD did a very good keynote speech “The Opportunities and Challenges of China Commercial Real Estate Development”.




    Mr. Wang Yong Ping, vice chairman & secretary general manager of CCREA congratulates the successful holding of this summit and he focused his speech on “Focusing on Lower-Tier Cities Urban Economy Circle Effect to Formulate Differential & Sustainable Commercial Real Estate Development Strategy”.




    Besides the market trends and updated regulation analysis from government & association leaders, the main forum also contained excellent speeches from Nanjing 1912 Group, JF Funds, Beijing Glory Properties, Cendes Architecture, Power Dekor Group, IMG3 Landscape Design, Treasury Holding, J&J Assets, K11 Concepts, TCBL, MAYHO Architecture Design, PKF Investment Consulting, SRE, SUNLAY Design, MG2 Architecture Design, Jerde, Winson, RTKL, BENOY and Callison; the commercial elite leadership contained exclusive presentations from Taubman Shopping Centers, Ginwa Group, Novo Mania, Red Star Macalline, Shenzhen Wan Xiang Ren He Investment Management, South Beauty Group, Watsons and Mango (China).


    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image001_0003.jpg
    Nanjing 1912 Group

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image002_0001.jpg

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image003_0000.jpg
    K11 Concepts

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image004.jpg
    Standard Charted Bank of China

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image005.jpg
    J&J Assets

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image006.jpg
    Glory Properties

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image008.jpg
    Treasury Holding

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image009.jpg

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image010.jpg
    PKF Consulting Inc.

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image011.jpg
    JF Fund

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image012.jpg
    Power Dekor Group

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image013.jpg
    Ginwa Group

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image014.jpg

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image015.jpg

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image016.jpg

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image017.jpg

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image018.jpg
    South Beauty Group

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image019.jpg
    Taubman Shopping Centers

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image020.jpg

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image021.jpg
    Novo Mania

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image022.jpg

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image023.jpg
    Red Star Macalline

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image024.jpg
    Cendes Architecture

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image025.jpg
    SUNLAY Design

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image026.jpg

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image027.jpg
    MAYHO Architecture Design

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image028.jpg

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image029.jpg


    In order to maximally meet the discussion & interaction needs of participants, this time we selected 3 topic issues for leadership dialogue and panel discussion, they were “ Commercial Real Estate—The Important Supporter of City Solidarity and Radiation to Promote Urban & Area Development of Lower-Tier Cities”, “Commercial Property in Lower-Tier Cities: Not Blue Ocean, But Blue Sky, Who Can Fly Will Laugh at Last” and “How to Select Most Suitable City/Area?”.


    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image001_0004.jpg

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image002_0002.jpg

    F:\FTP\2014-4-15\linverinsights\web\event new_clip_image003_0001.jpg


    Meanwhile, the 2nd Asia Pacific Commercial Real Estate Cooperation — China 2011 won above 40 authorized Medias’ attention home and aboard. They were: house.chinanews.com, China Press Release Network, PR Newswire, UniWire.CN, ACN NEWSWIRE, CEIBS Business Review, Harvard Business Review, FORTUNE China, FT Chinese, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Business Wire, Archina and etc. “listening to the heartbeat of customers’ needs, thinking out-of the box for business innovation, integrating resources available” are the pillars of Linver Insights. We will continually devote to provide the high-quality platform for the whole industry chain players in terms of commercial real estate.


    Website: http://www.linver-insights.com/crec2/